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‘Class Divide’ Looks to Kids to Tell a Microcosmic Story of Gentrification

Marc Levin’s new documentary Class Divide couldn’t be closer to home. The filmmaker looked to the people living on his own street, 26th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, to address the issues of gentrification and social class division from a very unique angle: that of the young kids living it.

“We shot some of the kids that we knew and showed it to Sheila Nevins, the head of HBO Documentaries,” Levin tells The Moveable Fest about the beginnings of the project. “To her credit, Sheila said, ‘You know something? You don’t need any sociologists, urbanologists or city planners, politicians, political scientists — just do it through the eyes of these kids, and make this corner a microcosm for what’s happening in this neighborhood, and really all over this country and the world.’ Because this is a global phenomenon — this displacement of people who have lived in these cities for years by a global elite who now see these cities as a safety deposit box for their wealth. So that’s how it started.”

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