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‘City of Ghosts’ Director Matthew Heineman on Why Directing, Producing and Shooting His Films Makes It Easy to Dive In

"Things just grab me and I become obsessed with them."

Director Matthew Heineman (Cartel Land) returns to Sundance Film Festival with his new documentary City of Ghosts, which is about a group of brave Syrian journalists reporting from the frontlines of their embattled homeland.

In the video below, IndieWire speaks to Heineman about his work on the film. 

“Things just grab me and I become obsessed with them,” he explains. “With this story, it had everything I wanted in my next film: very strong characters, this sort of good and evil theme, a story about journalism. It had so many different layers that intrigued me and basically I just jumped right in and started filming. As someone who is a director, and a producer, and also shoots themselves, it makes it a lot easier to just jump in because I don’t have to necessarily raise money. Canon was very supportive of me and gave me a camera to shoot with and it was very easy to just dive into this.”

Watch below.