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Long-time industry veteran and

Citizen Pictures

Executive Creative Director Jeanne Kopeck, has rallied some of the top designers in the country to take part in a Promax and BDA sponsored panel discussion called, “DRAWING FROM PERSPECTIVE: Direct Access to Today’s Industry Leaders”. The session takes place on Thursday, June 23 at 2:45 PM at the New York Marriott Marquis in the Astor Ballroom.

Kopeck and Citizen Pictures’ Creative Director, Mitch Monson, approached BDA organizers to promote a session, that in their words, set out “…to bring together Design’s most creative minds and original thinkers, and ask them the ‘Big Picture’ questions that confront all of us struggling with the art vs. career paradox.”

Moderated by Kopeck, the session will headline nine of BDA’s most acclaimed artists, visionaries and directors, talking specifically about the paths they chose and the professional lives they are leading today. “I am thrilled that of all the talented artists working in this industry, we have been able to pull together these individuals who represent, not only a wide variety of differing approaches to design, but are all at the very pinnacle of the profession,” says Kopeck. For anyone trying to negotiate this challenging industry, DRAWING FROM PERSPECTIVE is an opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insight from those who have achieved phenomenal success in the field of broadcast design.

“I think as designers we have an obligation to pass along our experience to younger, emerging artists,” said Kopeck. “At this session we want to tackle such questions as: what responsibility do we as individuals have to the design community as a whole? What inspires us? How do we stay original and how do we stay true to ourselves? BDA should be an opportunity for designers not only to look at each other’s work technically, but also to look at our careers intellectually.”

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1. Elaine Cantwell, Spark, Founder and Creative Director
2. Jakob Trollbäck, Trollbäck & Company, President and Creative Director
3. Patrick McDonough, PMcD Design, Founder and Creative Director
4. Dan Pappalardo, Troika Design Group, Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder
5. Mitch Monson, Citizen Pictures, Creative Director
6. Juan Delcàn, Spontaneous, Creative Director
7. Micha Riss, Flying Machine, Founder and Creative Director
8. Adam Toht, The Saline Project, Founder and Director
9. Jeff Doud, Riot Atlanta, Executive Creative Director