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Cirina Catania Heads to Amazon Rainforest with OWC Envoy Pro

Filmmaker Cirina Catania loves a challenge. A recent project sent her to the wilds of the Peruvian Amazon in August to film survival training videos. Since she would be carrying her entire production kit in a backpack, there were severe equipment and weight restrictions on the shoot, which would take place in the jungle and on the Amazon River itself.

She shot footage with a Sony HXR-NX70, Sony a7R and two GoPro cameras. While in the field, Catania charged her equipment with solar power, giving precedence to the cameras and sound gear. She limited the use of her Apple MacBook Pro laptop to media management to maximize the computer’s charge.

To save and protect her irreplaceable content, she relied on several 480 GB OWC Envoy Pro EX SSD drives.

Footage was backed up onto a 1 TB NEXTO DI drive, which held a charge for a long time; it required only occasional recharging, whenever “spare” solar power was available. Periodically she would transfer the verified media from the OWC Envoy Pro through the laptop to a third drive for more permanent storage.

She notes, “In wild and remote environments, filmmakers have to be very concerned about weight and reliability. In addition, equipment has to be compact, lightweight and able to withstand unpredictable and rapid weather changes. Then you can focus 100 percent of your attention on shooting the best story possible.”