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Cinevate Duzi Slider Delivers Reliable Time-Lapse Results

I’ve tested and worked with a lot of sliders in my career. For the last couple of years, Cinevate’s Duzi has been my go-to tool. It has been on probably 99 percent of my shoots over the last two years. I travel a lot for business, and this slider is compact enough to throw into any suitcase. I shoot a lot of time-lapse to include in corporate projects and other videos, and my top priorities in terms of motion control are simplicity and size. Thanks to Cinevate’s Modo time-lapse unit, I can easily hike long distances with a full time-lapse slider setup in my backpack. The Modo unit is a wind-up time-lapse device with no cables or batteries. It mounts to Cinevate’s Duzi slider and will cross the entire slider in roughly 35 minutes. You can also use the Modo unit alone as a pan head.

Another innovative piece of equipment from Cinevate is the Grip Reacher, an arm-like device that can mount to a tripod/slider and extend the reach of your camera, moving it away from the tripod/slider. In the past I have set up shots using the Duzi, Modo and the Grip Reacher together to get some pretty cool two-axis time lapses. The Grip Reacher allows me to get my camera extremely close to the ground. These three pieces of gear are a match made in heaven for my Sony a7S.

Victor Chimenti is a filmmaker at Coastal Productions.