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Cinematographer Tim Orr on the Hyper-Naturalistic Look of ‘Joe’

Cinematographer Tim Orr talks to Indiewire about his work on drama Joe, directed by his longtime collaborator David Gordon Green.

He says, “We kind of set out to do what feels like it’s not like something else. That’s a hard thing to do because virtually everything’s been done. I think we set out to make – there’s a certain Western quality to Joe, but it’s not overt. I think visually, what I wanted to do was certainly I wanted it to be a naturalistic looking movie, but I wanted to stretch the boundaries of that…There are elements within the film I wanted to try to bring a certain amount of – to stretch the bounds of pure naturalism to something that was very much heightened. It was mainly within the lighting that that came into play – using colors and motivations that you find in the man-made natural world, but stretching them to a point where they’re hyper-real.”

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