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Cinematographer Takes ioSafe Rugged Portable to Extremes

In the middle of nowhere, I need my images and footage to live safely on an indestructible set of hard drives. There are no do-overs on these projects and space is always at a premium when traveling into remote places. The only external hard drives we travel with are ioSafe drives.

Whether we’re filming on the Ucayali River after a 16-hour ride on a banana boat (it’s nice to know that the drives are waterproof in up to 30 feet of water), flying in a small airplane up the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan (resting easily, being sure that the included data recovery system will enable us to salvage this once-in-a-lifetime footage should something happen to the drive) or just traveling with any airline in the U.S., we are reassured that ioSafe drives are protected from drops of up to 10 feet and offer crush protection of 5,000 pounds.

ioSafe rugged drives are bus-powered, eliminating the need to carry a separate power supply. We routinely bring our equipment into environmental extremes, and knowing that ioSafe drives will work as well at -25° and 10,000 feet up as in the 100 percent humidity and 90° heat of a South American jungle makes them our go-to portable mobile storage solution for road trips, especially if there are no roads.

Pascal Depuhl is a professional photographer and commercial cinematographer.