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Cinematographer Brandon Trost’s Secret Lens Creates Unique Look for ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’

Iain Stasukevich writes in the current number of American Cinematographer about the Panavision lens cinematographer Brandon Trost mounted onto a Red Epic to get a “Polaroid” style look in the period drama, Diary of a Teenage Girl.  In the film, young Minnie Goetz (Bel Powley) gets involved with her mother Charlotte’s (Kristen Wiig) boyfriend, Monroe (Alexander Skarsgard).

Says Trost of his early conversations with director Marielle Heller. “‘We agreed the movie should feel like you’re flipping through a photo album of old Polaroids — the color palette, the way it faded, the softness of it. I’m really proud of what we achieved because when you make a period movie,everything costs money, and indie budgets are so limited these days. We also knew this would be an intimate movie, that most of the scenes would take place in small rooms, and that we were going to be close to Minnie the entire time.'”