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CineForm Releases Mac Neo HD and Neo 4K BETA

CineForm is enthused to announce the BETA release of our Neo HD and Neo 4K products for Mac! As noted, this is considered a BETA release. Our production release is scheduled for November 11, at which time we’ll announce publicly. But if you’re interested you can try out the Beta now.

Neo HD and Neo 4K include:

– our compression codec for which we’re well known, with spatial resolution up to 4K. Supported bit depth and chroma formats are 10-bit 422, 12-bit 444, and 12-bit CineForm RAW. We always use the floating point modes for rendering within FCP so we always maintain deep precision, even when your source is 8 bit.

ReMaster: our new file conversion and I/O utility. ReMaster has a very nice GUI, heads and shoulders above the HD Link interface on Windows. ReMaster will convert most all camera formats and QuickTime formats to CineForm files including: HDV, P2, AVCHD, ProRes, and Red R3D. We’ll be adding XDCam HD/EX soon. The results of the conversions are always 10-bit or 12-bit CineForm file with the chroma format of your choosing.

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