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Cinedeck Unveils the Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D Capture and Playback

Cinedeck unveiled the Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D Capture and Playback at NAB 2011 earlier this month. The Cinedeck Stereo Option adds dual camera monitoring, capture, and playback to the Cinedeck EXTREME, delivering highly mobile stereoscopic 3D capabilities to production crews of all sizes. Cinedeck EXTREME’s new Stereo Option is built on CineForm’s Neo 3D and First Light stereoscopic production technology.

Other announcements from Cinedeck at NAB included a collaboration with Silicon Imaging that will see Cinedeck delivering SI-2K 12-bit RAW 2K or HD Uncompressed and CineForm recording and 3D-LUT Color Processing with dual SDI monitoring on the Cinedeck EXTREME. They are also working with ARRI to ensure comprehensive support for the ARRIRAWTM format.

“Since we debuted to the NAB crowd this time last year, we’ve been humbled by the enthusiastic, passionate response of our users, including some of the industry’s most respected filmmakers, cinematographers, like Danny Boyle, Sam Nicholson and JR Friesen. We listened carefully to their requirements; the details that would make Cinedeck EXTREME even more valuable to their pipeline,” said Alan Hoff, CEO of Cinedeck.