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Cinedeck Performs at FNTECH Toronto and Chainsaw Hollywood

The versatility of Cinedeck recorders with true file-based Insert Edit delivers dramatic workflow improvements for multicamera production and postproduction.

Toronto’s FNTECH streamlines and automates multicamera reality, live event and theatrical productions including Big Brother, Chopped Canada and Canada’s Walk of Fame. Using virtually any codec, Cinedecks provide edit-ready recordings, simultaneously writing duplicate master and proxy files to SSDs, SAN, NAS—virtually any storage medium. “Cinedeck’s ability to write the files our clients need, often directly to the production server for immediate edit access, means no time wasted copying, naming, rewrapping or transcoding,” says FNTECH founder Curt Fuglewicz. “Cinedeck has eliminated what used to be a multi-day production-to-post turnaround, allowing our shows to deliver in half the time.” 

Providing post services for programs including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars and The Comedians, Chainsaw Hollywood has been employing Cinedeck technology for the last year to simplify show delivery. Using Avid’s Digital Cut and Cinedeck’s Insert Edit provides simultaneous recording and viewing. Moreover, restarts, pickups and inserts can be done anywhere, so starting over or re-exporting is never required. “Even just looking at the work involved after a show is locked—the now outmoded process of re-exporting entire shows to manage a fix versus being able to directly change master files with Cinedeck’s Insert Edit has cut our work in half,” says Jeff Sengpiehl, chief engineer at Chainsaw. “When you deliver multiple shows per day, using Cinedeck is revolutionary!”