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Christine and the Queens Music Video Artfully Conveys the Isolation of Bullying

Although it has a distinct Michael Jackson vibe, J.A.C.K.’s music video for Christine and the Queens’ “Saint Claude” has a much deeper meaning behind it.

As Héloise Letissier (a.k.a. Christine and the Queens) explains, “I wrote ‘Saint Claude’ shortly after witnessing the most violent scene. A teenager was being teased by a whole autobus full of really different people. Their laughters were getting louder and louder; the kid was a weirdo talking to himself. I didn’t stand for this kid—instead, I fled, feeling even lonelier than usual. The song was for him; it felt like a love poem, or an apology, or maybe both. So from the very beginning, I wanted the video to express that, but without any narration. Christine had to dance, completely alone. I wanted her to be in an abstract space, the equivalent of an empty theater stage—we could be anywhere. I had to find a way to express violence as well. For that, the body distortions came as evidence: after all, the kid had been teased for being seen as unbearably unfit—that’s how you create proper freaks. It was also a perfect way to introduce my character: always in this suit, with those shoes, desperately trying to create her own genre – and torn in the whole process.”

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