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Choir Concert Captured Live with MXL Microphones

Nashville band The Choir participated in a live stream event in July for their upcoming album, Shadow Weaver. During the live stream, the band laid down tracks in front of a live audience in two shows at Studio Instrument Rentals in Nashville, giving fans a real time, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the creative process. Russ Long provided sound recording services.

Marshall Electronics, MXL Microphones and StreamVu provided the hardware and technical support to stream the shows. The Choir performed with MXL microphones and Sound Runner Cable by MXL. MXL mics included four LSM-3 dynamic mics, one CR77 dynamic mic for vocals, four R144 ribbon mics on the guitar amps, an R144 ribbon mic on the lyricon, and a V67G large capsule condenser on the drums. Five Marshall CV340-CSB mini HD cameras adapted to mount on mic stands were positioned throughout the studio, capturing different vantage points throughout. A Marshall technician operated a video switcher to change the camera views; the switcher then sent the cameras’ video signals into Marshall’s PS-102 Producer Station encoder to prepare it for distribution by StreamVu. “This live album was planned for over six months and we were determined to make it something extraordinary,” says Long. “Adding a live audio and video streaming element does exactly that.”