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Charting the Color of “Macbeth”

“Goldcrest Post London Colorist Adam Glasman,” says Definition magazine, “reveals why his latest feature film project, Justin Kurzel’s new adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ starring Michael Fassbender, will bring you the classic Shakespeare play as you’ve never seen it before.”

Glasman explains, “Normally my job as the colorist is to apply color seamlessly so that everything matches up and looks and sits comfortably together, but actually quite a few times in this film, we deliberately made things jump between shots.

“For instance, the opening battle has a cool blueish feel, and then for occasional shots we’d jump around so that we see the witches in the battle and everything becomes very yellow. That’s intentional; it’s not supposed to match. The fact that Macbeth’s hallucinating or certainly seeing something mystical meant that they could look different, because those shots are his point of view (POV), you see him in the battle and his POV is the witches and that’s where the color jumps.”

You can get a taste of the film’s unusual approach to color here: