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Channel Storm Releases Live Channel Pro 2.0 – The TV Studio In-The-Box

Live Channel Delivers The Only Complete Software Solution ForProducing, Streaming And Broadcasting Over The Web And Out To VideoSimultaneously

Tel Aviv and New Jersey, USA – Channel Storm, the world softwareleader in video production, presentation and live broadcasting todayreleased Live Channel Pro 2.0. Live Channel Pro 2.0 now includes outputto videotape, monitors and closed video networks; expanded videomixing, special effects and input features, and a new, easier to useinterface.

Live Channel is the only software solution on any computer platformthat delivers the functionality of expensive video production andbroadcasting hardware. All that is needed is a Macintosh computer, DVvideo cameras or Webcams, and microphones. First-time users can be upand running with a professional TV production in minutes. The LiveChannel software captures video and audio, encodes it, mixes it,creates titling, lets you composite graphics and video, renders it, andstreams / broadcasts a sophisticated TV production over the web and outto video.

Live Channel offers the power of TV production and broadcastingwithout the expense of professional broadcasting hardware and skillsneeded to produce a program. Live Channel lets businesses,organizations, and educational institutions produce a video productionthat can include video, audio, graphics, text, and the synchronizationof rich-media such as PowerPoint slides, web tours and photographs.

Live Channel Pro 2.0 has expanded its features toinclude:

* New Video Output: Live Channel productions can be streamed to theweb, and now simultaneously broadcast to full screen video monitors,output to video projectors, broadcast to closed-circuit TV or cable TVand recorded to video tape.

* Unlimited Live Video And Audio Inputs: Video and audio productionscan include any number of live and stored video and audio feeds andfiles.

* New Overlay And Composting Features: Now include multiple videolayers and multiple titles simultaneously during a broadcast. Drag anddrop into a broadcast, in real-time such objects as logos, titles,pictures and movies. This can include positioning, scaling and controlof an object including its opacity through Live Channel’s alphachannel.

* New Video Effects: The built-in software video mixer can createthree-dimensional transitions, and other dynamic effects likepicture-in-picture and split screens.

* Multi-Session Recording: Allows one-click archiving of differentsegments of an event.

* Dynamic User Interface: Allows unlimited, movable and resizablewindows.

See the full list of changes at:

“Live Channel revolutionized the world of video broadcasts andinteractive presentations by developing the first affordable full liveproduction and broadcasting solution in software.” says Haggai Borkow,CEO of Channel Storm.

Borkow continued, “Now Live Channel Pro 2.0 allows broadcasting tobig screen monitors, LCD projectors, or closed video networks, whilesimultaneously streaming the broadcast to the Internet. Channel Storm’sLive Channel Pro is the first true cross-media solution ever. Themarket has been waiting for all these delivery platforms to converge,and Channel Storm delivers it at an incredible low price, all insoftware.”

Customers using Live Channel include companies like Alcatel,Lockheed Martin; schools like Cambridge University, Columbia, andStamford; and media companies like NPR (National Public Radio). Theyuse Live Channel for everything from training, business presentationsand product rollouts to broadcasting conferences, graduation and sportsceremonies, to even re-broadcasting live radio and TV shows over theInternet. See our customer list at

Live Channel Pro 2.0 is priced at $999 USD, with educational pricingat $699 USD. A free demo version of Live Channel Pro 2.0 can bedownloaded at .The software includes all the functions and features found in a fullversion. However, a video and audio watermark is embedded in thebroadcast.

About Channel StormChannel Storm was founded in September 1999 to provide high-quality,low-cost turnkey solutions for producing live video broadcasts andinteractive presentations on the Internet, addressing the growingdemand in the corporate, professional, educational and consumer marketsfor creating and broadcasting sophisticated, interactive, TV-likecontent.