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‘This Changes Everything’ Is an Optimistic Documentary on Climate Change

Avi Lewis’ documentary This Changes Everything, created in tandem with his wife Naomi Klein’s new book, is not an alarmist look at the insurmountable challenges of cilmate change. Instead it profiles the everyday people who are working to make a difference in their own communities.

“We looked around and found places where people were connecting the dots and really living on the front lines of both fossil fuel extraction and the climate crisis. There’s a tremendous amount of energy and organizing going on in those communities,” Lewis tells Indiewire. “Yes, people are scared, and some of these stories have really sad endings, but there are also a lot of victories. People are engaged, facing the facts and fighting back in really constructive ways. They’re not defeated. This is not a sad story. It’s not a slit-your-wrists climate film. It’s a story about people who are making change happen in real time.”