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‘Carol’ Cinematographer on Not Over-romanticizing the Period

Carol cinematographer Edward Lachman writes on Indiewire about creating a beautiul period piece that was more naturalistic than nostalgic.

“With Carol, we did everything possible to not over-romanticize the period,” he writes. “This was a world that was coming out of World War II, where there was a great deal of insecurity. Todd Haynes wanted to reference the pre-Eisenhower period in naturalistic way. People refer to Carol as a melodrama, but Todd likes to think of it as a period love story. We looked at the time not through its cinema, but through its photographers that documented New York. We looked at mid-century photographers like Ruth Orkin, Ester Bubley, Helen Levitt and Vivian Maier. These women were documenting an urban landscape as they wavered between photojournalism and art photography.”