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Carbon VFX Turns Carter’s World Upside Down in MTV Promo

Finding Carter, MTV’s newest scripted drama series, tells the story of 16 year-old Carter’s life-changing discovery that the woman she thought was her mother actually kidnapped her when she was three years-old.

To visualize the complete shock of Carter’s news, MTV teamed up with Carbon VFX to literally turn her life upside down in this image promo. MTV built a rig that flipped the set of Carter’s bedroom 180 degrees while the actress stood in front — creating an effect fully in-camera. Carbon’s VFX Supervisor Kieran Walsh, expertly led the shoot in Atlanta and also seamlessly composited additional elements of falling items in Flame, to enhance the devastating effect. Carter’s old life is destroyed, her memories are shattered and now she’s left to figure out how it all happened.