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Canopus Announce EDIUS H|DV SP Realtime HDV Editing Solution

Canopus Corporation

, a provider of real-time video editing technology, announced EDIUS H|DV SP, a professional nonlinear editing solution that provides native editing and unmatched real-time processing of HDV, DV, uncompressed, MPEG-2 and standard definition formats. EDIUS H|DV SP provides an easy transition for post-production facilities to move from SD to the world of HD video.

EDIUS H|DV SP includes a 64-bit PCI board that provides hardware editing acceleration and high-quality video input and outputs, including FireWire for HDV and DV (DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD optional), as well as component, composite and S-Video connectors. Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing studio environments, EDIUS H|DV SP features complete support for BetaCam SP with component video and balanced audio input/output, as well as frame-accurate RS-422 VTR control and external reference sync input connections.

EDIUS H|DV SP provides an easy transition for video studios to move from existing standard definition (SD) video to the world of HD video by editing SD content, such as DV, in HD resolution, while providing real-time output to HDTV monitors using the onboard HD component output. In this process, EDIUS H|DV SP provides the highest-quality, real-time up-conversion from standard definition to high definition video, and all project titles, graphics and effects are performed in HD resolution.

EDIUS H|DV SP is also the first nonlinear editing system to feature full ADVC functionality. Available from both EDIUS Pro and any other NLE application that supports OHCI, EDIUS H|DV SP provides real-time bidirectional analogue/ DV conversion and capture. This feature is also available independently of any editing application to provide direct analogue/DV deck video transfer. EDIUS H|DV SP also features AV/C-RS-422 control conversion, to provide control of analogue VTRs from within any NLE application, as though they were a DV device.

Driving EDIUS H|DV SP is EDIUS Pro, Canopus’s powerful nonlinear editing software. EDIUS Pro frees video editors from the limitations of conventional editing systems by providing a seamless workflow with real-time, multi-track, mixed format HD/SD editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output capabilities. EDIUS H|DV SP is designed for maximum performance and supports real-time output of multiple video tracks, effects, and graphics and title layers.

EDIUS Pro seamlessly edits any mix of HDV, DV, uncompressed, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video in real-time. Conversions between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, as well as up-conversion and down-conversion between SD and HD, are processed in real-time, further streamlining production workflow.

Canopus is offering EDIUS H|DV SP customers the Canopus Codec Option Pack, which includes the DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD software codecs. Developed in collaboration with Panasonic, the Canopus DVCPRO HD codec provides EDIUS H|DV SP with high-quality HD video and unrivalled real-time HD nonlinear editing performance with full native DVCPRO HD (SMPTE 370M) compliance.

Providing direct lossless HD capture and print-to-tape functions using the Panasonic AJ-HD1200A VTR in native 1080i via EDIUS H|DV SP’s FireWire connector, EDIUS H|DV SP with the Canopus Codec Option Pack is a cost-effective editing solution for DVCPRO HD on Windows-based systems.

EDIUS H|DV SP will be available in November 2004 from Canopus and its authorized resellers and system integrators for a suggested retail price of $3999.