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Canon XC10 Demo In-Person and Online, July 21, NYC

Adorama Pro will be hosting a special in-store demonstration of the new Canon XC10 4K professional camcorder this Tuesday, July 21st at 4 PM. Featuring special guest director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder and hosted by Adorama’s Daniel Norton, attendees will explore the XC10 4K and learn about the process of producing a professional interview..

Emmy Award-winning director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder will discuss working with the Canon XC10 4K as well as his professional experience directing commercials for clients like GE, AT&T, Microsoft and Prudential and his viral short documentary “Undercity.”

Andrew Wonder with the Canon XC10

Attend the Canon XC10 4K Event in Person or by Live Web Stream

The event will begin at 4 PM at the Adorama superstore, located at 42 W 18th Street, New York City. To reserve a free spot, go here. For those unable to attend in-store, Adorama will be showing a live broadcast of the event. Online attendees can watch via YouTube, or the event page.

Alexander’s Beautiful Future: A Short Documentary

Andrew Wonder has produced an exclusive short film for the event, which will be screened on-site. Showcasing the Canon XC10, the short documentary features four-and-a-half-year-old Alexander, who lives in New York City with his parents and one-year-old brother. The film, a portrait of Alexander, captures how a child views the world and what he thinks the future will look like.

“The Canon XC10 allowed me to interview Alexander and work with real people in an intimate setting without causing any commotion,” commented Wonder. “The piece is almost entirely handheld, where I acted more like a street photographer or journalist than a typical documentary filmmaker that can sometimes be somewhat obtrusive. At this event, I’ll be explaining how the XC10 fits into my arsenal among DSLR and Cinema EOS cameras and how its features – the size, capabilities, built-in lens – open up the possibilities for shooting that other cameras can’t, especially when it comes to being mobile.”