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Canon Cameras Help to Realize NASA 3D IMAX Film ‘A Beautiful Planet’

Shooting an IMAX 3D film in space requires pre-production work that might make even the most experienced film producer tremble. The crew of new documentary A Beautiful Planet had to contend with sending equipment up to space, downloading footage back at dial-up speeds, and training astronauts how to frame and shoot the footage they needed.

To do so, the documentary relied on a Canon C500 for the interior shots of the International Space Station and a Canon 1D C for the stunning shots of Earth. Explains Wired, “There are big advantages to shooting digital, including the freedom to reshoot without wasting limited film. For the last IMAX 3-D production shot in space, a 10-pound roll of film translated to just 108 seconds of footage. Now it’s stored on drives and cards, shot with a 4K Canon Cinema EOS C500 video camera and a Canon EOS-1D C DSLR, then delivered back to Earth via return flights and satellite downlinks. “