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Canon C500’s Compact Size and Light Sensitivity Captures Tight Spots in ‘Miles Ahead’

Don Cheadle makes his directorial debut and stars in Miles Ahead, a Miles Davis biopic shot by cinematographer Roberto Schaefer (Quantum of Solace, Finding Neverland, Best in Show). Schaefer used the ARRI Alexa XT as his main camera, with certain scenes also using 16mm film and a Canon C500.

“The Canon C500 with the Odyssey recorders were used primarily for cross shooting from the back seat of a moving Jaguar XJ at night by available city light,” Schaefer explains to Indiewire. “The back seat was tight and it was the perfect camera size for that as well as the optimized low noise/high ASA combination. When I saw the clean image at the high sensitivity, I used them for some handheld fight action in a dark alleyway.”