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Canon 1D C Records Remote Alaskan Wilderness in 4K

Co-directors Jason Fitzpatrick, Jen Serena and Ric Serena follow two friends who revisit Alaska’s Noatak River after 35 years away in their short film “Noatak: Return to the Arctic.”

The 14-minute short film was shot with a Canon 1D C, and lightweight but effective equipment was a very careful consideration for the crew because of the shoot’s ultra-remote location.

“We knew we wanted to shoot 4K internally, so the 1D C was the best option,” Ric tells Fstoppers. “We really loved working with the 1DC. There have been a few cameras since that have similar specs, but it was really ahead of its time shooting 4K internally. Plus, shooting in Log-C was incredibly beneficial during the final color correction process.”

Read the full story here and watch the short film below.