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CacheFly CDN Powers

This Week in Tech, or TWiT.TV, is a podcast and netcast network covering tech-related topics. It features Leo Laporte, founder and owner of the network. With viewers and listeners all around the globe, distributing audio and video to over 5 million audience members per month became an immense challenge for a small company like TWiT.TV that relied on servers in its single location.

Higher user expectations and less tolerance for slow downloads put the popular netcast network at risk of losing a significantly growing audience. TWiT.TV chose CacheFly CDN to take the burden off of its servers and provide a faster and more reliable means of distributing audio and podcasts.

According to Laporte, “Every time we expanded our network and included new distribution platforms that increased our needs with CacheFly, they accommodated us and made it happen. No fuss, no issues. The best thing I can say about CacheFly is that it just works—our users don’t have to think about how they get our programs, they just do, fast and easily. We very rarely have to talk with the folks at CacheFly. That’s a good sign. The shows must roll and CacheFly keeps them flowing without a hitch.”

Today, TWiT.TV has grown to 35 shows, audio and HD video, pushing several terabytes a day to over 5 million people per month. Since the first year using CacheFly, TWiT.TV’s gross sales increased by 46 percent. TWiT.TV now delivers over 50 million downloads per year.