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Buyer’s Guide: Lenses


Optimo DP 25-250mm Zoom Lens

Optimized for today’s large-format digital cameras, Angenieux’s Optimo DP Series 25-250mm 10x zoom lens has been designed with a complex focus group for minimal breathing and opens at T3.5 from 25mm to 250mm constant. It fully covers the EPIC M-X sensor and covers the RED EPIC Dragon sensor on all formats below 6K plus the 6K HD format. The lens weighs 16 lb., offering close focus of 4’. In addition, the 25-250mm has an integrated filter holder in the back for a 41.5mm screw-in filter (or ND filter) and /i technology metadata interface. The lens is compatible with 1.4x and 2x Optimo extenders and is available in PL mount (or PV mount). It allows for on-the-spot mount interchange to Canon EF or Nikon F. 

Carl Zeiss

Compact Zoom CZ.2 Lenses

The Compact Zoom CZ.2 lens family includes the CZ.2 28-80/T2.9 and CZ.2 70-200/T2.9. Zeiss will be adding a shorter super wide-angle zoom lens at the end of 2014. Unlike zoom lenses for still photography, the Compact Zoom cinema lenses each have three independently moveable zoom groups, which prevents undesired focus shift and ensures optimal image quality. The lenses have a continuous aperture of T2.9 over the entire zoom range. They cover full-frame format (24mm x 36mm) and can therefore be used on HDSLR cameras as well as professional HD video and cinema cameras. 

Cooke Optics

Anamorphic/i Lenses

Cooke Optics has designed seven new prime lenses for the anamorphic system: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm, all with an aperture of T2.3. The new lenses, which are approximately the size of Cooke’s S4/i lenses, retain the Cooke Look, are color matched with the Cooke 5/i, S4/i and miniS4/i ranges, and come equipped with the next generation /i technology, /i Squared, to capture lens metadata. Each offers anamorphic characteristics including 2:1 oval bokeh for out-of-focus highlights.


Primo V Lenses

Panavision’s Primo V series is designed specifically for today’s high-resolution 35mm digital cameras. Built on the same glass element as Panavision’s Primo Primes, the Primo V lenses bring the classic qualities of the Primos to digital cinematography while taking advantage of the optical clarity and production convenience of the digital format. Modifications on the Primo V eliminate coma, astigmatism and other aberrations caused by the extra layers of glass in digital cameras. At the same time, the characteristics of the classic Primos serve to counter the hyper-sharpness often associated with digital capture.

Primo V lenses are compatible with any digital camera equipped with PL or Panavision 35 mount systems. Primo V lenses come in focal lengths of 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 21mm, 27mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, with widest apertures of 1.9 and close focus distance of 24” for all lengths. 

Schneider Optics

Xenon FF-Prime Lenses

Designed for full-frame sensor cameras, Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Prime lenses are manufactured in Nikon F, Canon EOS and PL mounts. Each 3.3 lb. lens features a circular 14-blade aperture engineered for a smooth and consistent bokeh, while volume-focusing design ensures that breathing is minimized. With a 300-degree barrel rotation, the manual focus markings offer accuracy and repeatability. To accommodate filters and other accessories, each lens has a 100mm front diameter and a standard 95mm thread. Focal lengths currently available in the Xenon FF-Prime series are 35mm T2.1, 50mm T2.1 and 75mm T2.1. 

Sony Electronics

18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Telephoto Zoom Lens

Sony’s E mount SELP18200 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS-powered telephoto zoom lens offers a generous 11x magnification range and quiet power zoom mechanics, focusing and aperture operation. The lens features three adjustable zoom speeds, plus constant speed zooming for smooth and slow operation. Zoom may also be controlled directly from compatible Sony NEX-VG900, NEX-VG30 and NEX-FS700 video cameras. The lens offers built-in Optical SteadyShot, which cuts the effects of camera shake and minimizes camera blur while shooting handheld at slower shutter speeds. Additionally, Active Mode further enhances stabilization at the wide end of the 11x zoom range, ensuring stable footage even if the shooter is in motion.