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Buyer’s Briefs: Teleprompters

The newest customers in the market for teleprompting gear are documentary filmmakers, independent content creators and a host of solo videographers who have a very specific set of requirements when it comes to teleprompters: they have to be mobile, they have to be light, and they have to be easy to use.

Manufacturers have responded with solutions that address these issues and others, including forward-looking I/O connections, integrated units that combine prompter monitor and talent monitor in one, and technology that will literally work right out of the box.


WinPlus Update

New features incorporated into Autoscript’s WinPlus prompting software include Twitter integration, cloud storage and automated closed captioning. WinPlus’ Twitter functionality enables producers and prompting operators to automatically send tweets at specified points in the script. The capability allows broadcasters to distribute news online and in sync with the television broadcast.

With the cloud storage feature, talent in the field can upload or download data and scripts wirelessly without using e-mail or Internet browsers. This is particularly useful when large files need to be accessed and ensures that users are always able to download or save scripts in the field.

WinPlus has also integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro for automatic closed captioning support. These innovations are now included in the standard WinPlus software package. 

Bodelin Technologies

ProPrompter Studio App

Available in the Apple iTunes App Store, ProPrompter Studio App offers a professional level teleprompter for $14.99. Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch as a professional teleprompter for for field reporting, corporate video, commercials, video podcasting, and speeches. Features include remote wireless control of up to three devices, customizable script display, adjustable margins, mirroring and looping, and a scroll slider for responsive speed up, slow down, and reverse scroll. The app offers cue point recognition and the ability to record from the front-facing camera while prompting. 


CSM17 17-Inch Teleprompter Monitor

CueScript’s CSM17 is a high-brightness LED-based HD-SDI teleprompter monitor delivering 1,700 nits of brightness, making it ideal for studios both light and dark, as well as bright field applications. At 17 inches, this monitor is also a great option for a larger prompter on location. The CSM17 is lightweight, with a low profile design and integrated mounting system. The CSM17’s features include low energy consumption, three-mode power start up, adjustable brightness LED wraparound cue lights, and four-way picture orientation. The CSM teleprompter monitoring family also includes 15- and 19-inch models. The CSM17 can also be joined to a 19- or 24-inch prompter talent monitor. 



Coming soon from Datavideo is the DVP-100 dv Prompter Pro server, a wireless teleprompting system compatible with Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices. The dv Prompter Pro server creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot ready for users to connect devices and start prompting. Once connected, the user selects whether the device is to be a controller or a prompter screen. DVP-100 supports an unlimited number of controllers or prompter screens. The controller can create and load new scripts, control the scrolling and perform live edits on all screens in real time. All scripts are stored on the dv Prompter Pro server, not the devices themselves. 

ikan Corp.

New Teleprompters

ikan recently introduced five new teleprompters for motion picture and broadcast production that represent a range of usage scenarios and budgets, from ultra-portable tablets to heavy-duty studio setups. All of the models feature foldable frames and scientific-grade glass for accurate viewing, and are shipped in precision-cut foam that readily transfers to waterproof hard cases by SKB.

The PT-Elite-V2 and PT-TAB kits are designed for a 15mm rod system and take the tablet mount to an advanced level. The PT1200 is based on a 15mm rod system and includes a 12-inch LCD monitor. The PT3700 has a 17-inch glass and is based on a 15mm rod system. The PT3700-HD is designed for a 19mm rod system using heavier, studio-based cameras. 


Ethernet Teleprompter

Listec recently unveiled its first Ethernet teleprompter, which receives data and power from a single Cat-5/Cat-6 cable. Multiple prompters can be run from the same Ethernet switch, and only one power supply is needed. The 15-inch teleprompter panel has a contrast ratio of 700:1.

“The real beauty of the Listec Ethernet Teleprompter lies in its simplification—no more multiple power and video cables. With just one Cat-5/Cat-6 cable, you can power up and send scripts,” says Rick Booth, vice president of marketing for Tiffen, the parent company of Listec. 


PromptWare PW-04

The Listec PromptWare PW-04 turns a smartphone into a professional prompter for use in the studio, on location or on the go. This compact 4-inch teleprompter is easily readable up to 10 feet and weighs 0.6 pounds. It is easy to assemble (no tools required) and attaches to the lens of a small camera. The PW-04 comes well equipped with ring adapters and step rings for correct camera fit, thick beam-splitter glass (60/40), a heavy-duty plastic holder and a padded plastic sunshade. The package is rounded out by a Bluetooth wireless controller with QWERTY keyboard layout and compact hard case.