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Buyer’s Briefs: Lighting

In this month's Buyer's Guide we focus on a number of lighting fixtures that allow you to set up the shot you want, whether in a studio or on location.

Illuminating Your Options
In this month’s Buyer’s Guide we focus on a number of lighting fixtures that allow you to set up the shot you want, whether in a studio or on location.

Flashpoint CL-1300B

Flashpoint CL-1300B LED PanelLight – BiColor

Adorama’s Flashpoint CL-1300 LED PanelLight packs in power and precision without the heat and maintenance of hot lights, providing 1,296 points of soft, directed illumination. It includes a diffuser and warming color correction panel. Its sibling, the CL-1300B PanelLight, is a bi-color option that delivers beautifully blended 5,600°K daylight to 3,200°K tungsten for precise color balancing and a cool bath of flattering light. Up to four units may be combined in a single array with interlocking ports and series cables.

Kino Flo
Diva-Lite 415

Kino Flo Lighting Systems’ Diva-Lite 415 Universal, which begins shipping in September, offers universal electronics to operate on 100V AC to 240V AC. The portable softlight features dimming and 4-Lamp/2-Lamp switching. Diva-Lite 415 Universal runs cool and flicker-free, yet is energy efficient (1.4A on 120V AC or 0.8A on 230V AC). The light replaces the Diva-Lite 400 Universal as well as the non-universal fixtures (the Diva-Lite 401 120V AC and 230V AC). The Diva-Lite 415 Universal ships with removable gel frame and 90° honeycomb louver. A 60° honeycomb louver is available as an accessory.

VHO Pro LiteRibbon LED

Using VHO Pro emitters, Litegear’s VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon provides a full-spectrum white light that renders natural looking colors and skin tones. Able to blend with legacy tungsten and fluorescent units as well as LED fixtures from manufacturers including ARRI, Mole-Richardson and others, these emitters offer high-CRI, full-spectrum, color-correct white light. VHO Pro LiteRibbon is available in 24 variations. There are two densities: Hard 120 and Soft 60; four widths: single, double, triple, and six rows wide; and three colors of full-spectrum white: Tungsten, Daylite, and tunable-white Hybrid.

Lowel PRO Power LED

The Lowel PRO Power LED is available in dedicated daylight or tungsten color models with high output, wide focus range and beautiful Fresnel light quality. The output of PRO Power LEDs is comparable to a 200W tungsten fixture, with similar focus range and optics. Fully dimmable without color shift, it can be powered by its AC supply or its 24V accessory battery system, which clamps to the stand or hangs from its shoulder strap for handheld use.