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Buyer’s Brief: Storage: Managing Media for Content Creators

In this month’s Buyer’s Guide we examine a number of storage solutions available for creative professionals, each designed to keep your content secure and readily accessible.

JMR Electronics


The JMR LTNG-XQ family includes two desktop Thunderbolt 2/PCIe expanders, providing four PCIe slots connected to two Thunderbolt 2 ports of its connected host computer. Models include an eight-drive-ready RAID subsystem with internal 6Gb SAS hardware RAID controller installed. The products are Thunderbolt-certified by Intel. One desktop/rackmount model provides for installation of the user’s Apple Mac Pro computer inside the same case as the expander and RAID storage subsystem. Capture, edit and store up to several terabytes of content, all without any other “boxes” required. Do it all in one small, quiet product with LTNG-XQ. 



Quantum’s Xcellis shared workflow storage system empowers users to boost their efficiency, productivity and creativity in delivering the products and services that drive their business. Consolidating media and metadata management, extending connectivity options and supporting hosted applications, the system integrates the most important components of workflow storage into a single compact hardware solution that runs on the Quantum StorNext 5 platform. Optimized for end-to-end workflows, Xcellis provides flexible configuration of performance and capacity through a number of production and archive options, ranging from multi-stream 4K editing to extended online storage utilizing object storage technology to cloud- and tape-based archiving. Xcellis provides continuous scalability that reduces the cost and complexity of storage deployment and maintenance and enables future expansion in an intelligent, sophisticated manner. 


Dual Interface Portable HDD

Sony has several portable professional storage options. The latest addition includes the PSZ-HB1T (1 TB) and PSZ-HB2T (2 TB), ruggedized HDD shuttle drives that build on the heritage of Sony’s professional recording media line and offer users more capacity and more connectivity. These dual interface models feature Thunderbolt ports to further support Mac users, in addition to USB 3.0 ports. The silicone, reinforced protective case is shock-resistant, ensuring content can be transported in a safe, fast and convenient manner, great for shooting and shipping. Sony also offers portable shuttle drive models with USB 3.0 connectivity in a range of storage capacities: 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB.