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Buyer’s Brief: Cloud-Based Storage

In this Buyer’s Guide we examine a number of options for cloud-based storage—systems and technologies engineered to allow you to move and manage your media while keeping your assets secure off premises.


Cloud PVR

Television viewers have an insatiable appetite for nonlinear content. PVR solutions are a popular way for IPTV, cable and OTT operators to deliver nonlinear content, yet they are limited to a single device type. Operators need a flexible, scalable and cost-effective method for delivery of high-quality nonlinear content in the multiscreen environment. Recent advancements in IP technologies have emerged as a solution. IP networks now have the capabilities of storing content and streaming it on demand to each end user, allowing cloud PVR applications. Instead of storing the recorded content on a local drive, cloud PVR captures the content in the heart of the network and streams it as video-on-demand content, with all the trick mode functions (e.g., pause, fast rewind, fast forward) available. Additional applications such as start-over, catch-up and time-shifting TV can also be supported with cloud PVR. 

IBM Cloud Video

Watson Cognitive Capabilities

Watson-powered cognitive services for IBM’s Cloud Video technology are designed to transform how organizations unlock data-rich insights for video content and audiences. The new services can help deliver differentiated, personalized viewing experiences for consumers. Digital video is a booming area for content but remains largely untapped for insights as part of the more than 80 percent of data in the world that’s unstructured, making it difficult to process. Applying cognitive technology is believed to be a critical next step for mining and analyzing the complex data in video so companies can better understand and deliver the content consumers want. Accessible through the IBM Cloud, these new services analyze video data that can otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to manually process. They include live event analysis, video scene detection and audience insights. 


Media Asset Management System

Pronology’s MAM system simplifies the daily tasks of end-to-end content creation and distribution. Through a single platform that unifies the production process from acquisition to archive and feature-rich production tools, Pronology allows an unlimited number of users to simultaneously and remotely acquire, manage, approve, log, distribute, transcode and archive content using a standard web browser. The system’s feature-rich modular structure flexibly scales to any size production environment while also providing traditional asset management features users have come to trust, including archiving with metadata support, large file uploading, video sharing and automated transcoding with software QC. Accessible as a hosted model or through Pronology’s SaaS, the system’s interface can accommodate a wide range of possible workflows. 

Quantum Corp.

Artico NAS Appliance

Artico is increasingly being adopted as the platform of choice for IT departments that realize a tiered storage solution is the best way to meet the needs of a “save everything” world where access performance and lower storage and administration costs are required. The Artico appliance provides a flexible, low-cost entry point for data storage, with the ability to scale to petabytes of data as demand grows. Powered by StorNext 5 data management policies, Artico enables customers to store and retain data in a tiered storage system that intelligently places the data on the right technology at the right time, on-premise or in the cloud.