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Buyer’s Brief: Camera Support

With this month’s Buyer’s Guide we examine a range of options for camera support, each engineered to keep your shots smooth, balanced and steady, whether the camera is affixed to a tripod, controlled with a remote or mounted on a slider.


Slider 60, Slider 100

Manfrotto’s new sliders are quick and simple to set up in both indoor and outdoor locations. Available in two versions—the 24 in./60 cm Slider 60 (MVS060A, 4.8 lb., $450) and the 39 in./100 cm Slider 100 (MVS100A, 6.17 lb., $500)—the sliders ensure a smooth and accurate sliding movement thanks to their eight high-precision steel ball bearings and quality machined surface. Each slider has a 3/8-inch head with a maximum payload of 22 lb. Numerous standard attachments enable the sliders to be combined with accessories and products such as arms and Digital Director. Both kits have flat base video heads with professional fluid cartridges on both tilt and pan movements. 


PTX Universal PanTilt Head

Integrated into RUSHWORKS’ VDESK and REMO PTZ production systems, the PTX Universal PanTilt head adds pan and tilt capability to a wide range of cameras and camcorders with LANC remote control capability. In addition to pan and tilt, the fixture provides control of zoom, focus, iris and record start/stop if the cameras support the commands. The PTX Universal PanTilt head offers full DMX control, so lighting directors and scene designers can include video cameras in their DMX universes, using DMX consoles to block shots using one or more cameras in their scene definitions. MSRP is $995.  


TP500 Pneumatic Pedestal

Shotoku’s TP500 is a compact and lightweight pneumatic pedestal capable of supporting camera payloads of up to 121 lb. The unit ranges from 26.2 in. to 58.5 in. in height. It is suitable for multi-location use such as OB, studio or event production. The robust modular design allows simple transportation between locations without compromising its ability to provide a stable platform for camera operators. The TP500’s integrated inflation pump offers flexibility and freedom regardless of the broadcast location. The pedestal is ideally paired with Shotoku’s SX300 EFP pan and tilt fluid head.