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Buyer’s Guide: Video Recorders

Designed to speed and streamline your production and post workflows, video recorders range in capacity, capability and price to accommodate the requirements of your project. Whether you’re recording raw video for a feature film, managing live video for an event or streaming proxy video for review, these products work with a range of formats and resolutions.

Convergent Design


Odyssey7Q integrates the monitor, recorder, playback deck and HDMI-SDI converter into one lightweight, low-power unit. Odyssey7Q is a 7.7” OLED monitor with 3400:1 contrast, true blacks, 1280 x 800 resolution and comprehensive monitoring tools. As a recorder, Odyssey7Q supports compressed and uncompressed capture to Convergent Design SSD Media. Odyssey7Q can be upgraded with options including ARRIRAW, Canon C500 4K raw and Sony FS700 raw recording. The Multi-Stream option allows up to four HD video signals to be input and displayed simultaneously in quadrants on screen or switched between in full-screen view. Upgrades are available for purchase or on a rental basis. 


V-Station HD

A multitrack DVR system, FutureVideo’s V-Station HD includes a multicamera production system that records four simultaneous tracks of full HD 1080p video at 60 fps in H.264, with up to 640 hours of recording time. Using a project-based workflow that organizes metadata and video content slated for acquisition before shooting begins, V-Station HD’s AutoProducer real-time editor can create a rough-cut multicam reel within minutes of wrapping without requiring the user to import, organize, sync or transcode video clips. The rough-cut reel can be uploaded directly from V-Station HD to YouTube or an FTP site for delivery. 

Sound Devices

PIX 260i

The rack-mounted PIX 260i is a file-based video recorder/player that seamlessly replaces tape-based video decks in production and post environments. It offers Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD and WAV file recording to four attached 2.5” SSD drives, either simultaneously or sequentially. Recording to multiple drives offers immediate file backup, eliminating time-consuming post-record copying. Files recorded in these intra-frame codecs are ready for editing directly from the recorder. PIX 260i is designed so that multiple units can be networked together to build an expandable, frame-synchronized system for multiple-camera recording and playback. Users can also play out files from the PIX 260i for real-time applications. 


FS-H50, FS-H60, FS-H70

The Focus FS-H50/60/70 portable proxy recorders simplify the acquisition workflow by recording low-bit-rate H.264 clips, either concurrently with high-resolution content recorded by a camera or independently. The proxy clips can be instantly streamed to mobile devices and uploaded to networks or video platforms without transcoding. Offering a range of resolutions up to 1080p30 and bit rates up to 8 Mb/s, the three models—Focus FS-H50, Focus FS-H60 and Focus FS-H70—feature composite and analog audio inputs, an HDMI input and an HD/SD-SDI input, respectively.