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Buyer’s Brief: Video Recorders

In this Buyer’s Guide we examine a number of video recording devices that allow you to ingest, manage, store, play back and output your media.

Convergent Design


Apollo is a multicamera monitor/recorder/switcher. In 4K, it can monitor and record two 4K or UHD signals simultaneously up to 30p or one up to 60p. In HD, it can monitor and record four 1080p/1080i/720p signals simultaneously up to 60p, and a fifth recording of a quad-split or a live-switch can also be captured. The live-switch is also captured as an EDL for post conforming. Switching includes cuts and three speeds of dissolves. All recordings have matching timecode and file names. Recordings are in Apple ProRes to affordable SSD media. Connections are SDI and HDMI in/out. 



Datavideo’s HDR-1 is a portable standalone H.264 USB recorder. It records up to 20 Mb/s in MP4 (H.264 + AAC) format video files, which is ideal for archiving footage from a worship seminar, corporate meeting, school morning announcement, lecture or live concert. Recorded files can be uploaded to YouTube immediately after an event without transcoding. The HDR-1’s record/pause feature allows users to record a continuous file during an event, without having to break it into multiple clips. HDR-1 is priced at $499 MSRP and will be available in January 2017. 



The SR-HD2700 Blu-ray/hard disk drive combo deck can record a live HDMI signal from a video camera or DSLR without HDCP encryption. Users can also record to the upgraded 1 TB internal hard drive and an optical disc simultaneously, which provides redundancy and eliminates the need to copy video files to another disk after recording. Designed to provide easy duplication and disc authoring of Blu-ray or DVD discs without a PC, the SR-HD2700 has a simple, menu-driven interface that allows users to transfer video files to the internal hard drive, then assemble files into a completed project and output to disc.  


Focus FS-H50/60/70

Ideal for sporting events, breaking news, dailies, meetings and training, surveillance, and online video sharing, the VITEC Focus FS-H50/60/70 are versatile, portable H.264 SD and HD recorders for workflows and applications requiring superior video quality and optimized video file size. With supported resolutions up to 1080p30 and bit rates up to 8 Mb/s, the three models include composite and analog audio inputs, an HDMI input, and an HD/SD-SDI input, respectively. 

Fast Forward Video

Studio Pro Replay

Fast Forward Video has been delivering superior image quality in user-friendly DVR designs for 30 years. FFV products have evolved to serve a range of markets that includes some of the most demanding broadcasters, A/V professionals, law enforcement agencies and others. Using JPEG 2000 compression to produce high-quality digital video images, FFV digital video recorders feature discrete access to each and every frame, easy-to-use control interfaces, accurate dynamic tracking and patented single frame cue latency. FFV’s latest offering, the Studio Pro Replay, is an affordable time-shift/replay channel. This compact SDI video recorder provides SD or HD record, replay and time shift. It is ideal for broadcast delay, slow-motion sports replay, houses of worship needing to time-shift services, and related replay applications.