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Buyer’s Brief: On-Camera Lighting

In this month’s Buyer’s Guide we focus on a number of lighting fixtures that allow you to set up the shot you want, whether in a studio or on location.


U3 Tri-Light

The U3 Tri-Light is designed for on-site video production where conditions require the operator to change light output without using dimmers and without altering color temperature. Light output is decreased on the U3 from long shots to mid-range and close-ups with the flip of a switch. The light features two 35-watt flood lamps and one 20-watt spot. The combined output for all three lamps is 1,500 lux. Turn off the spot and output drops to 700 lux. Turn off one of the floods and output is reduced to 350 lux. The U3 ships with rotating gel holder, daylight and diffusion gels and a 4-pin XLR power cord. Each lamp has an individual on/off power switch. A master switch turns all three lights on or off simultaneously.  



Lowel Blender provides many options for creative capture while on location. The fixture’s two sets of LEDs, in tungsten and daylight color temperatures, are quickly and easily blended, allowing the user to match the fixture’s output to the mixed light source of their location. In addition to the option of fluid light blending, Blender may be used to create a contrasting color blend to make the subject of the shot stand out. This system is powered by AC or battery for maximum flexibility, and can be transported and stored easily. Lowel is a brand of the Tiffen Company. 



The Lumimuse Series of LED lighting fixtures combines Manfrotto design and quality with the lighting expertise of sister company Litepanels. Lumimuse 8, with eight surface-mount LED diodes, has a 5,600°K color temperature and four-step dimming. Its internal lithium ion battery may be charged with a standard Micro USB cable. Battery life is about 60 minutes. To change the quality of the light output, Lumimuse ships with a snap-on filter holder and tungsten and diffusion filters. The largest Lumimuse in the range, Lumimuse 8 weighs about 6 ounces and is around the size of a pack of playing cards. Color accuracy is >92% CRI. 



Zylight’s Newz on-camera LED light has a proprietary LED matrix that delivers true color reproduction. Ideal for run-and-gun shooting, Newz delivers a soft but punchy light with variable color temperature from tungsten (3,200°K) to daylight (5,600°K). Plus, its strobe function adds versatility for DSLR applications. Its integrated one-touch quick release mount makes setup and breakdown more efficient, while its custom barndoors and unique articulated arm allow shooters to easily adjust the height and angle of the light. Newz is water resistant (IP54) for reliable operation in challenging weather conditions and includes ZyLink, Zylight’s wireless technology, so it can be linked to multiple Zylights for simultaneous remote control.