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Buck Creates Visceral and Psychedelic Animated Opening Sequence for David Blaine Special

Design studio Buck creates the dynamic, visceral animated opening sequence to magician David Blaine’s special, Spectacle of the Real.

Buck’s Orion Tait and Thomas Schmid talk to Motionographer about how mysticism, vintage magic books and posters, and the history of sideshow magicians influenced the unique look for the piece, which features a script by Paul Auster read by Christopher Walken.

“Surrealism and psychedelics are great mechanisms for presenting imagery that washes over you and resonates because it’s conjured from our unconscious,” explains Schmid. “At the same time, the images are far enough removed from a literal meaning to allow the viewer to question the imagery and form his/her opinion. This, to me, spoke volumes to how I feel when I see David perform. I don’t really know what to make of what I am seeing I’m trying to attach meaning and fit it into some sort of reality construct but it’s better left nebulous.”

Read the full story here and watch the sequence below.

Spectacle of the Real from Buck on Vimeo.