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Broncolor Para FT Is a Game-Changer for John Engstrom

For the past 24 years, lighting designer John Engstrom has worked on commercial film and video projects for both national and international clients. He started using the Broncolor Para FT system about a year ago on various television commercials and industrial films and says that the product is “a game-changer.”

“One of my main tools has always been the Para, but I had to use adapters to make it work with the lights, which was not very graceful and not always convenient because of cabling issues.”

The Broncolor Para FT system features a continuous light coupled with Broncolor Para Reflectors, allowing the filmmaker to vary the quality of the light. The FT system is unique in that the lamp socket and globe are at the end of the focusing tube, with the remainder of the lamphead behind the reflector. By adjusting its focus tube, you can go from a soft, three-dimensional look to a spot effect without the harshness.

The Broncolor Para FT system is available in four sizes, as well as in 1,000-watt tungsten and 1,600-watt HMI models.

Engstrom continues, “With the new Broncolor FT light, the Para is also much more balanced and easier to mount in tight spaces, with the fixture itself becoming the positioning handle.

“Its durability makes it stand out from the competition. I climbed the side of a mountain with it and was able to light a climber from 20 feet away.”