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Brady Corbet on Telling an Anti-Origin Story with ‘The Childhood of a Leader’

Actor Brady Corbet’s feature film directorial debut, The Childhood of a Leader, takes place directly after WWI and tells the story of a young boy as his childhood gets shaped into something dark and malevolent.

“I suppose that I was very interested in doing an anti-origin story,” Corbet tells MovieMaker Magazine. “I knew that people would come into the film with very specific expectations because we have a title that’s explicit. It sets people up to be like, ‘Oh, The Childhood of a Leader—of what? Who is it?’ I thought it would be very interesting to subvert those expectations and do something which was poetic as opposed to something that was like, two plus two equals four. Or like, ‘Oh, this is the moment when everything changed for him.’ I just don’t think that’s the way life works. I don’t look at the events in my life and go like, ‘This all happened because of that one moment.’ It’s many things and many moments that shape who we are and what we become.”

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