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BOXX Offers Special Pricing on 3ds max 7 Software with BOXX Workstation Purchase

BOXX Technologies

announced it is now delivering Discreet’s new 3ds max 7 software as an optional upgrade with its series of certified workstations.

Now through December 31, 2004, BOXX is offering special pricing on 3ds max 7 software to customers in the United States who purchase a BOXX certified 3ds max 7 workstation. Call BOXX toll free at 877-877-BOXX or 512-835-0400 for more details.

All BOXX systems are optimized and personalized to the unique needs of our customers and the company’s commitment to quality, reliability; upgradeability and extraordinary support make BOXX workstations the ideal solution for media creation professionals.

New Features of 3ds max 7 Software

3ds max 7 software offers significant advancements and optimizations over previous versions to enhance workflow for 3D designers and artists in games, film, television and visualization. New features include:

* Normal Mapping—adds greater detail to low-polygon models with high-resolution maps. Complete rendering support offers time savings in film production and cinematic visualizations.

* mental ray 3.3—enhanced integration into 3ds max 7 software accelerates performance and better memory efficiency

* character studio software—integrated advanced character toolset is now in the core feature set of 3ds max 7 software

* Parameter Collector and Editor—new, unified interface improves efficiency when animating multiple parameters

* Edit Poly Modifier—increases the speed and ease of creating complex polygonal surfaces

* Skin Wrap Deformer—improves character animation workflow with easy application of props and clothing to pre-skinned 3D models

* Snapping Workflow—improved accuracy and viewport feedback for underlying snapping system in 3ds max 7 software, and much more

From now through December 31, 2004 BOXX is offering special pricing for 3ds max 7 when purchased with a certified BOXX workstation. For more details call BOXX toll free in North America at 877-877-BOXX (2699).