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‘Bombshell:’ Documenting Hedy Lamarr’s Beautiful Mind

"We need to celebrate strong, brilliant women with all their foibles and hold them up as an example."

“If you’re reading this through some kind of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi gadget,”

says Lulu Garcia-Navarro

, “here’s an interesting fact: Some ideas behind that technology can be traced back to a famous actress from the 1930s. Her name was Hedy Lamarr.

“The story of this stunning beauty of the silver screen is told in the new documentary


. From a scandalous debut in the pre-war European film Ecstasy to Hollywood films including



Samson and Delilah

, the documentary tells little-known details of how she was worked grueling days by Hollywood producers and spent her nights in her own laboratory where she loved to invent.” To read the full interview with


director Alexandra Dean,

click here

“It is my hope that this film will become the moment Hedy Lamarr, the legend who shaped our world, will come out of the shadows and take her place in history,” says Dean. “Hedy Lamarr rejected any limitations placed on her, and despite being a renowned beauty, it was her firmly held belief that she could only change the world through her unusual mind.

“Even though Hedy ultimately gave up on that belief, just at the moment when the world was ready to celebrate her, it’s my hope that her story will stop many more women from making the same mistake. We need to celebrate strong, brilliant women with all their foibles and hold them up as an example for a generation of young women preparing for their future in an uncertain world. As Hedy says at the end of the film, you may give the world all you’ve got and the world may kick you in the teeth… Do it anyway!”

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