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BMG Turns to AJA for MSU

For the past three years, Broadcast Media Group (BMG) has worked with client Mississippi State University to produce a 60-second in-stadium video that plays on massive 110-foot screens at the beginning of each home football game. Last year, BMG also produced the video that introduces each player in the game’s lineup.

BMG has been a longtime AJA customer, using multiple KONA, Io 4K and T-TAP products in its studio over the years. For this latest project, the BMG team relied on a portable AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K/UltraHD 2K/HD ProRes recorder.

“In order to capture the headshots for the stadium screens, we shot each player on greenscreen with a Canon EOS C500, pushing out a true 4K signal to the Ki Pro Quad. We opted for a higher resolution so that we could reframe and maximize our flexibility with the image, and then scale down and crop to deliver high definition,” explains Robbie Coblentz, CEO/executive producer, Broadcast Media Group. “The resolution and color fidelity of the Canon C500 pushing out a 4K raw signal, combined with the debayering of the Ki Pro Quad, gave us fabulous resolution and great color.”

Following the shoot in Mississippi, BMG delivered 4K files electronically to Russ Fairley Productions in Toronto, which produced the motion graphic animations that display each player’s name, high school and hometown that fill in the screen foreground and background. The final animations were composited by BMG and delivered to the in-house production team at Mississippi State University.