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Blonde + Co Collaborates with Dancer Laura Arend on Emotional Dance Film “True”

From moments of light and joy to an introspective bout with darkness and introspection, the dance film “True” takes viewers on an emotional journey courtesy of dancer and choreographer Laura Arend and Blonde + Co director Julie Stahl.

The film invites its audience to share the journey of this young woman, who’s stuck between two worlds—one pulling her to light, the other pushing her into darkness. Arend starts out in white  silhouetted against a bright blue New York City skyline with a bright melodic soundtrack. Midway through, however, a shift happens, and the white attire is gone, replaced by form-fitting black that blends in with the de-saturated background. The music becomes edgy and jarring, matching the action on screen. As her movements become tortured and jerky—the result of both in-camera and editing effects—she writhes across the surface, seemingly driven by pain and anguish.

Its creators describe the film as “a young woman’s journey to find truth, lost between reality and altered states of consciousness.” Adds Stahl, “We wanted to create this concept of two worlds, and we staged both segments in ways to heighten that sense of light and dark—inspired by the beautiful skyline and the graffiti, industrial elements, iconic water tower and the grittiness of the tar roof.”

The improvised film was an independent project for Blonde + Co. and created as a proof-of-concept for brands looking to join up with the company to create engaging content.

Watch “True” below.

TRUE from Blonde + Co on Vimeo.