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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Goes Undercover

Director Derek Yee purchased a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K for his film I Am Somebody, which tells the story of small-time actors working as extras in Hengdian, China, the world’s largest film studio. Chi Ying Chan, DP of the film, recommended the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K to the director for its compact size, light weight, ability to record 4K raw and streamlined Blackmagic post workflow.

“Due to the documentary nature of our film I Am Somebody, Mr. Yee thought that the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K would be extremely useful as the compact design of the camera would allow us to conceal the camera very nicely and we would be able to capture some unique shots of real interaction between the actors and the people and environment around them, making our movie extremely authentic,” says Douglas Chang, coordinator of Yee’s production team.