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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Brings Spontaneity to ‘War and Peace’ Set

Cinematographer George Steel speaks to Definition Magazine about shooting the BBC’s new period series War and Peace with a combination of ARRI Alexa XTs, Blackmagic Production Camera 4Ks, and even drones.

He explains how the Blackmagic Production Camera 4Ks came in particularly handy when director Tom Harper saw a sunset he wanted to instantly capture. “Tom was saying, look at this, we’ve got to shoot it. Unfortunately, when I tried to call the camera guys I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. All their phones were turned off as we’d wrapped for the day,” says Steel. “That’s where the idea of having a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K rigged up in a grab bag came in. It allowed us to be more creative, cutting out all the nonsense and ensuring we were able to react quickly. If we saw something we liked, we were able to grab the pre-rigged setup and shoot it at a moments notice.”