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‘Black and White’ Embraces Ikegami HDK-97ARRI Cameras

Recorded before a studio audience, the A&E series Black and White addresses timely news stories through the prism of race and uses comedy to diffuse the tension. Hosted by comedians and longtime friends Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small, the series is using four Ikegami HDK-97ARRI Super 35mm format cameras from the inventory of Manhattan Center Productions (MCP).

Explains the show’s executive producer, Jim Biederman of Jimco Productions, “The first time I saw the Ikegami HDK-97ARRI at work, I thought it was extremely impressive. When it came time to assemble the production package, I said, ‘These are the cameras I want.’”

Ikegami HDK-97ARRI on set

Biederman and his colleagues were drawn to the look of the HDK-97ARRI imagery: “It makes everything, including people, look great. The imagery it produces has a very rich quality, with a softness that I can’t achieve using any other camera.

“When A&E saw how Black and White looked through these cameras, they were blown away,” he continues. “These cameras are also saving time, and therefore money, in post. I have a limited amount of time to turn each episode around, and typically in a traditional multicamera studio setup like this, I expect to do a lot of color correction. However, these HDK-97ARRI cameras calibrate together very well. That’s a time-saver, which makes us more efficient.”