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Bill Holshevnikoff Relies on ARRI SkyPanels

Recently I used ARRI’s new SkyPanel S30-C for a branded content shoot. The SkyPanel is an amazing LED softlight source that ranges from 2,800° to 10,000° K, plus a full palette of party colors. This type of source can be used both in the studio and on location. The light is very, very soft—but it still packs a punch. By nature, a softlight falls off in intensity very quickly, but the SkyPanel S30 and S60 are powerful, soft sources that can still carry on a set.

In one setup I used the S30-C as a dramatic source of moonlight coming through a window. Another use was as a key or fill. The ability to dim in both of those situations was paramount. The most intensity I ever used was 40 percent key or fill because the S30 was so darn bright.

It can be a key light, fill light or even a background effects light. SkyPanels takes the idea of a kit light to a whole other dimension.

Bill Holshevnikoff is an Emmy Award-winning DP, lighting designer and educator who has lit and and shot broadcast, corporate and documentary programming for more than 30 years. He recently completed two National Geographic documentaries—The Fellowship of the Whales and Collapse—and has taught his Power of Lighting Workshops to thousands of creatives around the globe.