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BigStar Teases Growing Turmoil in ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO once again called on the artists at BigStar to create a teaser campaign for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Promoting season four, the teasers “Dungeon,” “Desert” and “Forest” hint at dangers around every corner in Westeros, with character studies that build on this season’s tagline: “All Men Must Die.”

From “Desert.”

BigStar had the challenge of using only available show footage for the teasers, meaning they had to extrapolate the outer environments. For “Desert,” the focus was on a dry and desolate wasteland that quickly transitions into a lush green setting. BigStar used Autodesk Maya and matte paintings to create the backdrop to match the shot. “It was challenging to marry an undoctored version of their footage into our spanning 3D landscape,” says Norton, “but we wanted to remain as true to the show as possible.”