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Bi-Coastal ‘Documentary Now’ Post Teams Rely on G-Technology

To make Documentary Now, a mockumentary series on IFC from Saturday Night Live veterans Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, our teams in Portland, New York and Los Angeles all use G-Technology products. The production requires an ongoing quick turnaround time, which isn’t easy with our bi-coastal editorial staff. Our footage flows into the Beverly Hills, Calif., editorial production facility, where it is immediately backed up to a G-Technology G-SPEED Studio XL drive. An assistant editor then transcodes, organizes and preps footage as ProRes files for shipping to editors in New York, who have their own G-SPEED Studio XL for editing and storage.

Show drives continue to fly via overnight between New York, Los Angeles and Portland, while editors work diligently to make sure data stays structured identically on drives on both coasts. The only thing being transferred back to Los Angeles is the folder structure with all of the New York editor’s assets, since the media already exists in L.A. Once the asset files reach L.A., the editing team loads them onto their RAID-protected G-SPEED Studio XL and their NAS system populated with 4 TB HGST Deskstar NAS drives.

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in a scene from the “Sandy Passage” episode of Documentary Now. Photo by Tyler Golden/IFC.

The G-SPEED Studio XL can fit everything, protect everything, and it’s faster than anything we’ve used before. No matter what massive demands might arise from near-term capture technology upgrades on Documentary Now, we know our G-Technology solutions are already prepared to shoulder the load.

Ted Pacult is postproduction supervisor for Documentary Now.