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Ben Richardson Moves to Alexa for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

Director of photography Ben Richardson shot The Fault in Our Stars using ARRI’s Alexa XT camera and ARRI/Zeiss Master Prime lenses from ARRI CSC. “This was my first time working with the Alexa. Happily, the newer model—the XT—had just been released with the onboard Codex unit,” Richardson says. “This meant that the camera itself was compact and didn’t require a separate ARRIRAW recorder. The Alexa is extremely clean at 800 ISO, and shooting ARRIRAW allows subtle adjustments to white balance after shooting.

We built a single on-set LUT that we used for all our dailies and tested it extensively,” the cinematographer continues. “Much like learning a new film stock, once I learned the behavior of the camera, I could do my work in front of the lens and expose just as I would have with film.”