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Belinda Sallin on Finding the Kind Man Behind the Dark Art with H.R. Giger Documentary

Belinda Sallin’s documentary Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World gets an intimate glimpse at the artist who so heavily influenced the world of sci-fi and pop culture with his creation of the monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Explains Sallin to The Credits, “The first time I went into his house and met him, I knew I wanted to make this film. I was overwhelmed when I saw his world. The very first meeting with him was so cool, and he wasn’t like what I expected he could be. Based on his art I thought he’d be a dark man, but it was the opposite. He was such a nice, friendly, kind, welcoming man. It was this moment I knew I wanted to do this film. I think H.R. Giger was able to manage and handle his fears with his art, with his work. So he didn’t need to be a dark or mean person. He created it all in his art, it flew out of him, so he could remain kind.”

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