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Behind-the-Scenes of a RED 8K Shoot

Phil Holland’s short video “Forged” profiles master bladesmith Tony Swatton and was shot in 8K with the RED Weapon.

Holland has written a behind-the-scenes account of the shoot and workflow, writing, “This Film Format to Resolution Relevance is important to those who have worked with film and experienced the best of what it can offer. Shooting at 8K provides the format size and resolution you’d expect from shooting actual VistaVision 8-perf film, while shooting and windowing down to 5K creates a Super 35mm filming experience. Combining that with impressive Color Science and a very broad Total Captured Dynamic Range, makes this one of the most film-like digital cinema cameras on the market. All of this is something I am looking for out of my digital cinema cameras. This RED Weapon 8K camera weighs less than 4lbs un-rigged and it’s remarkable how far things have come.”