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This Beer Commercial Was Filmed Entirely Underwater

A dance party that takes place entirely underwater? The 60-second Brazilian spot for Beats Senses beer showcases just that and–what’s more–it was actually filmed underwater in its entirety.

As Adweek explains about the shoot, “The agency shot inside a special diving pool in the Ibirapuera district of São Paulo, building a structure 15 feet down that anchored the sets. The director used a regular camera with a special case to shoot underwater, along with some waterproof LED lights, and some disco lights that needed their own cases. ‘Divers with oxygen tanks were always positioned just outside the frame, ready to assist the actors. ‘We had many people submerged at the same time, very deep, and everyone with weight on their bodies so they could move and dance without naturally going up to the surface,’ said [director Jonathan] Gurvit.”

Read the full story here and watch the spot below.